Durable Home Medical Equipment(DME)provider for the elderly and disabled. Located in Mankato, MN.
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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology promotes greater independence by enabling people to perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish, or had great difficulty accomplishing. Below we list several simple and affordable devices that that can assist those with low vision, hearing loss and other disabilities.

Amplified Photo Phone

Amplified Photo Phone image

Product Description

  • Memory aid that is fun to use.
  • 9 easy to program photo-dial buttons.
  • This photo phone can amplify incoming volume.
  • Ringer has extra loud amplification capability and pitch control.
  • Stores favorite pictures for easy recollection of faces and easy dialing access.
Our price: $150.00

Jumbo Universal Remote Control

Jumbo Universal Remote Control image

Product Description

  • Easy-to-see backlit buttons.
  • Works with TV's, DVD's, VCR's and cable boxes.
  • Perfect for the person who is always misplacing the remote or for someone with low vision.
Our price: $55.00

Smart Caregiver 2-Pendant Paging System

Smart Caregiver 2-Pendant Paging System image

Product Description

  • Includes two nurse call buttons and one pocket-size pager with audible alert.
  • Insert batteries (included) and it's ready to use.
Our price: $80.00

String Monitor

String Monitor image

Product Description

  • No On/Off switch.
  • Multiple volume options.
  • Snap-in battery compartment door with optional screw.
  • Check battery power with the test button and low battery LED.
  • Magnet connection strength ensures individuals cannot walk away with the monitor still attached.
  • Includes mounting screws, strap and two AAA batteries.
Our price: $21.50

Chair/Bed Monitor

Chair/Bed Monitor image

Product Description

  • Alarm automatically resets when a patient returns to the pad or is quickly silenced with the reset button.
  • The front LED flashes blue to indicate low battery and red to indicate active status and alarm.
  • Durable steel mounting clip included.
  • Uses three AAA batteries (sold separately).
Our price: $62.00

Chair/Bed Sensor Pads

Chair/Bed Sensor Pads image

Product Description

  • Chair pads are 8" x 14" with corner cord exit to easily direct it through chair back or side.
  • Bed pads are 10" x 30" with side cord exit.
Our price: $35.00

Sensor Pad Type:

Infrared Motion Monitor

Infrared Motion Monitor image

Product Description

  • Detects movement and alerts caregivers before a person is out of bed.
  • Choose 85 dB chime, alarm, or remote volume option.
  • Nurse call interface allows you to connect to your nurse call system.
  • Uses one 9V battery or AC adapter (bold sold separately).
Our price: $85.00