Durable Home Medical Equipment(DME)provider for the elderly and disabled. Located in Mankato, MN.
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Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is a term used to refer to daily self-care activities. The things we normally do...such as feeding ourselves, bathing, dressing, grooming, and homemaking can sometimes become a frustrating challenge. These assistive devices help make life easier and let the individual live independently.

Toilet Tissue Tongs

Toilet Tissue Tongs image

Product Description

  • Lightweight tongs assist individuals with limited reach and range of motion.
  • 15" long.
  • Ends are slightly angled for more precise use.
  • Vinyl coated handles and ends for easy maintenance.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Reinforced joint adds extra durability.
  • Latex free.
Our price: $18.50

Popular Foot Funnel

Popular Foot Funnel image

Product Description

  • Hands-free shoe donning is safer and easier. 
  • This functional alternative to the long handled shoe horn loads into the shoe.
  • Its straight, smooth surface makes it easy to get foot in and FootFunnel out.
  • Great for those who can't reach down with their hands. Works with most shoe types and sizes.
Our price: $14.00

Button Hook

Button Hook image

Product Description

  • Supergrip
  • Easy to use
  • Simply slip wire hook through button hole, grab button with wire and pull button back through the hole.
Our price: $11.00

Shoe Horn

Shoe Horn image

Product Description

  • Oval-shaped handle of soft built-up foam.
  • 24” Long.
  • Stainless-steel.
  • Nylon hang-up loop .
  • Latex free.
Our price: $15.00

Dressing Solution

Dressing Solution image

Product Description

  • Combines two functions in one aid — dressing stick and shoehorn.
  • One end has a high-strength plastic push-pull S-hook that retrieves clothing or other items.
  • The other end is a long-handled shoehorn.
  • Thick, easy to hold.
  • Closed-cell foam grip covers entire shaft.
  • Measures 24" long. Weighs 5 oz.
Our price: $19.50


Reachers image

Product Description

  • Economical yet durable reacher, with wire-driven jaws to eliminate the string that can stretch and break.
  • Ideal for those with limited hand strength or stiff hands,the lightweight reacher features an ergonomically designed short-distance trigger that operates with the whole hand, requiring less strength than traditional 2-finger triggers.
  • Black jaw with yellow slip-resistant surface provides high visibility and a secure hold on items.
  • Slip-resistant jaws can pick up even extremely small items.
  • Jaw rotates 360°.
  • Includes a magnet to pick up metal items, and a hook to aid with dressing or pulling bjects closer.
  • 26 Inch or 30 Inch Length.
Our price: $13.50


Rigid Leg Lifter

Rigid Leg Lifter image

Product Description

  • Foot loop opening can be pre-bent to accommodate the width of a cast of foot.
  • Hand loop is flexible webbing for comfort.
  • 41” long
Our price: $12.00

Assistive Device Kit

Assistive Device Kit image

Product Description

  • Kit comes in a bag with three items to help people with reduced reaching capabilities.
  • SPR Reacher 26" 4109
  • Wide Sock Aid A754-5
  • Dressing Stick 26" A698-3
Our price: $32.50

Sock and Stocking Aid

Sock and Stocking Aid image

Product Description

  • Easy-to-use aid helps individual pull on sock or stocking.
  • Just place sock over the flexible plastic core, insert foot and pull the cord’s two soft, foam handles to bring sock over heel and up leg.
  • For one-handed use, use the Continuous Loop cord with foam handle.
Our price: $16.50


Daily Care Kit

Daily Care Kit image

Product Description

  • This kit provides people of all ages with products they need for activities of daily living.
  • The kit features an Ergo Handle grip and includes a Contour Sponge, Shoehorn, Toe Sponge (great for diabetics), Dressing Stick, and Back Scratcher.
  • The accessories easily snap on and off the Ergo Handle.
  • Ideal for individuals with limited range of motion, arthritis, poor grasp and more.
  • Handle can be bent with heat gun for desired angle.
  • Latex free.
Our price: $25.00

Medication Organizer

Medication Organizer image

Product Description

  • The unique design of the Medtime Planner organizes all of your medication and vitamins for one full week.
  • Rounded scoop bottom for easy pill removal.
  • Contents: One Medtime planner and one prescription information label.
Our price: $12.50

Tylasticâ„¢ Shoelaces

Tylasticâ„¢ Shoelaces image

Product Description

  • Heavy-duty elastic shoelaces for those who require or prefer better support.
  • No special lacing or tying required.
  • 2 pair per package.
  • 26 inch Length
  • Color: Black or White
  • CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.
Our price: $10.50

Shoelace Colors:

Basic Ergonomic Hand Exerciser

Basic Ergonomic Hand Exerciser image

Product Description

  • Provides progressive resistive hand strengthening.
  • Lightweight frame uses clips to block flexion and extension and permit custom fit for different hand sizes.
  • Includes three pairs of graded, color-coded latex-free rubber bands, which can be changed quickly to adjust resistance.
Our price: $18.00